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There are a wide variety of characters that the player meets over their playthrough. Characters are unlocked over time as they come to the colony to fulfill jobs. The first character the player meets is Rosie Martínez, immediately followed by Jade Washington. Along with maintaining and building up the colony on Viridis Primus, the player is given the opportunity to form friendships and romantic relationships with characters. Relationships are formed based on the player's interactions with characters; in other words, by choosing certain dialogue options to impact the relationship between the player and the character. Relationships also improve simply by having small talk with the characters, which can be done by interacting with them. Engaging in this small talk can sometimes lead to unlocking new jobs and special events.

Characters names can be changed, and their names can be reset to their original names, when talking with them or by using their journals. (For the purposes of this wiki, original names are used.)