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Jade Washington
Jade Washington normal.png
Planetary Pioneer Administrator
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Anthony Washington (brother)
The mastermind behind the colonization of Viridis Primus, the colony’s administrator Jade Washington is a force to be reckoned with. Direct and driven, Jade enjoys the company of likeminded people. Laziness or ineptitude is sure to land you on her bad side. Her motives are a mystery, but it is obvious that she is determined to make this endeavor succeed no matter the cost.

Jade Washington is the Planetary Pioneer Administrator for Viridis Primus.

First contact[edit | edit source]

After meeting Rosie Martínez and completing the This Pun Is Scrap achievement, Rosie and the player will visit the Administration Building to meet Jade. When they walk in, the following conversation will be had:

  • Rosie: Welcome to the administration building.
  • Rosie: Up here is the storage room.
  • Rosie: I guess it will be doubling as your room until we can figure something else out.
  • Rosie: Hey! I found [Player Name]. They're okay!
  •  ??? (Jade): Rosie, what have I told you about yelling?!
  • Rosie: I better go talk to her.
  • Rosie: Since you'll be sleeping here tonight, why don't you take a quick look around?
  • Rosie: Just follow this hall down to the office once you've checked out your room.
  • Rosie: Oh, but please don't touch anything.

At this point, Rosie walks into the Office of the Administration Building, where she can be seen standing across the desk from Jade. Talking to either of them continues the conversation:

  • Jade: Hello, [Player Name]. I am Administrator Washington. You may call me Jade.
  • Jade: I am responsible for the day to day administration of this colony.

Jade's description will then display.

  • Jade: I am pleased you are uninjured. Rosie mentioned that you already recovered a piece of scrap from your ship.
  • Jade: Please continue to collect any pieces you may find. — The relationship bar will fill up slightly.
  • Jade: Eventually you will need to reimburse the company for the damaged craft.
    • Option 1: Okay.
    • Option 2: It wasn't my fault!
      • Rosie: ...
      • Jade: Whether it was a malfunction or user error, you signed the contract. — The relationship bar will deplete slightly.
      • Jade: It was your responsibility to read each line of the 200 page document to ensure you understood your obligations before signing.
  • Rosie: Don't worry, [Player Name]. It can't be that expensive.
  • Jade: Oh, but it is that expensive.
  • Jade: For now, here are some basic tools to get you started. I assume you will be able to ascertain their use.

The player will then be given their basic beginner tier tools: the Dull Axe, the Simple Hammer, the Basic Hoe, the Basic Pick, and the Fishing Spear. The player can click the Awesome! button to continue.

  • Jade: As for communication, you will receive messages via the envelope icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Jade: Get some rest, colonist. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Jade can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with her:

  • Jade: We will never get additional funding if we cannot find something to show for our efforts.

  • Jade: Must we seriously converse on a daily basis, colonist?
  • Jade: Between you and Rosie it is a wonder I get any work done at all!

  • Jade: Does everyone think they can spend the whole day loafing about?
  • Jade: There is still much to be done. Please get back to work.

  • Jade: Have you tended to your fields today?
    • Option 1: I wasn't going to today.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: I haven't had the chance.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 3: You bet!
      • Jade: That is wonderful, colonist! Keep up the good work. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.

  • Jade: If you are running low on credits, you need not wait for your crops to grow.
  • Jade: You may ship stones and lumber as well.

  • Jade: The birds around here seem to store native seeds in their nests.
  • Jade: How fortunate for you! Work smarter, not harder, colonist.

  • Jade: Our next shipment is due soon.
  • Jade: I trust you are making progress?
    • Option 1: A little?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Of course!
      • Jade: Fantastic. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.

  • Jade: If you are lacking in tasks to perform, I have some suggestions.

  • Jade: I finished my paperwork early today.
  • Jade: Whatever shall I do with the free time?

  • Jade: It is days like these that make me wonder if I have made poor career choices.

  • Jade: May your day be a productive one!

  • Jade: Thank you for your contributions to the success of the colony.
  • Jade: There is still much to be done. Please maintain your production levels.

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can reach the first green heart by visiting the Administration Building when her relationship bar is full.

  • Jade: Welcome, [Player Name].
  • Jade: I appreciate all the hard work you have been doing since your arrival on Viridis Primus.
  • Jade: I wanted to speak to you about the circumstances regarding your arrival.
    • Option 1: I'll pay for the pod soon...
      • Jade: After some impassioned pleas from Rosie and some serious consideration, I have decided to waive your debt for the destroyed pod.
      • Jade: I have spoken to our investors and they understand that accidents do happen and have agreed to absorb the expense.
        • Option 1: Thank you!
          • Jade: I am glad that you understand it was no small feat securing forgiveness for the debt.
          • Jade: Well, [Player Name], we both have much work to do.
          • Jade: Please let me know if you need anything for your fields.
            • Option 1: Will do!
              • Jade: Good day.
            • Option 2: Since you mentioned it...
              • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 2: I'm off the hook!
          • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: What circumstances?
      • Unknown dialogue

Second green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can reach the second green heart by visiting the Administration Building when her relationship bar is full and the first green heart has been reached.

  • Jade: Welcome, [Player Name].
    • Option 1: That's a lovely vase.
      • Jade: Thank you, [Player Name]! I am glad someone else appreciates its value.
        • Option 1: Where did you get it?
          • Jade: It was a gift from my mother.
          • Only option: Are you close?
          • Jade: Our relationship is complicated. We...
          • Jade: Ahem.
          • Jade: I do not make a habit of discussing my personal affairs with my employees.
          • Jade: Let us review your progress...
          • Jade: [Player Name], I must say I am pleasantly surprised!
          • Jade: In all honesty, I did not think your production levels would be nearly as high as they are.
            • Option 1: What's that supposed to mean?
              • Unknown dialogue
            • Option 2: Thank you!
              • Jade: I have nothing left to say aside from keep up the good work!
              • Jade: Have a good day, [Player Name].
        • Option 2: It doesn't look that valuable.
          • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: What's with the pot?
      • Unknown dialogue

Random events[edit | edit source]

3D Printer[edit | edit source]

Main article: 3D Printer

Once the player has built their home and slept in it, they can walk into the Administration Building to experience an argument about whether Jade accidentally creating a 3D Printer was user error or a malfunction on the part of the Administration Building's 3D Printer between Jade and Rosie Martínez. At the end of this conversation, Jade gives the player the 3D Printer she accidentally created. This event does not happen on Day 3, even if the player has already built their home and slept in it. The conversation is as follows:

  • Rosie: Jade, I think you just pushed the wrong button.
  • Jade: Absolutely not!
  • Rosie: It's a machine. It can only make what you tell it to.
  • Jade: I think it is defective. We need another opinion. What do you think, colonist?
    • Option 1: Uhh ... No comment.
      • Rosie: I guess it was unfair to ask Template:Player Name to take a side.
      • Jade: Apparently Template:Player Name knows how to play it safe.
      • Jade: I have no use for another printer. Is it possible to convert it back into scrap?
      • Rosie: No. Once you've crafted something, it's permanent. You'll need to get new resources.
      • Jade: Now I will need to requisition more materials ...
      • Jade: Looks like it is your lucky day, colonist. I am feeling generous. I will not even charge you for this.
    • Option 2: User error!
      • Rosie: Ha! It's a case of user error! — Relationship bar fills up slightly.
      • Jade: colonist! You think I could make such a simple mistake? — Relationship bar drains.
      • Jade: I have no use for another printer. Is it possible to convert it back into scrap?
      • Rosie: No. Once you've crafted something, it's permanent. You'll need to get new resources.
      • Jade: Now I will need to requisition more materials ...
      • Jade: Looks like it is your lucky day, colonist. I am feeling generous. I will not even charge you for this.
    • Option 3: Obviously a malfunction!
      • Unknown dialogue

Security[edit | edit source]

Once the player has completed Miles Kelly's Survey the cave for gems and Come talk to me jobs, the player will eventually walk into the Administration Building to overhear a conversation that Jade is having, presumably with her brother Anthony.

  • Jade: I understand. Please know I do not make the offer out of pity. I do not wish to see you again.
  • Jade: Forgive me, I must be going. I hope that you reconsider.
  • Jade: I swear, colonist! Must you always barge in unannounced? How long have you been eavesdropping?
    • Option 1: I'm sorry. Are you okay?
      • Jade: I ...
      • Jade: Will be fine. I was just attending to some personal business.
      • Jade: I believe we are at the point where we need to try recruiting paying colonists.
      • Jade: In order to do that, we need some sort of security personnel to guarantee their safety.
      • Jade: I thought it a mere formality until Miles told me about his encounter in the cave.
      • Jade: Have you had any similar experiences?
        • Option 1: Yes!
          • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 2: No.
          • Jade: I was hoping you could corroborate the threat. Regardless, we will need some security.
          • Jade: I have been negotiating with my brother in hopes that he might fill that role.
          • Jade: He is ... Less than enthusiastic. I suppose he will just need some time to sort things out.
          • Jade: Speaking of time, do you not have something you should be doing? Those fields will not work themselves!
    • Option 2: Why do you always yell at me?
      • Unknown dialogue

The next time the player sleeps, they will wake up to a conversation between Jade and Anthony, and Jade will knock on their door to introduce them to him.

Collections[edit | edit source]

Items Rewards
Jade's Colony Collection
Lumber.png Lumber
Stone.png Stone
Scrap.png Scrap
64x64px Jade's Tall Bookcase
Jade's Productivity Picnic
64x64px Jam
Bread.png Bread
64x64px Flower Bouquet
64x64px Jade's Rug
Bread.png Bread
Jade's Aesthetic Advancements
64x64px Pottery Kiln
64x64px Pottery Wheel
64x64px Easel
64x64px Potted Violet Flower
64x64px Potted Gold Flower
64x64px Jade's Bookcase
Jade's Resource Reserve
64x64px Copper Ore
64x64px Nitre
64x64px Ruby
64x64px Sapphire
64x64px Dynamite

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jade is named Hailey in the game's files.