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Nessa Collins
Nessa Collins normal.png
Lives in:
Nessa's Lab
Unlocked in:
Recruiting a zoologist
Related achievements:
Animal House

Paw-sitively Friends!

Nessa Collins can be found flitting about her laboratory intensely studying samples from her menagerie. A talented zoologist with an interest in cloning, Nessa will help you improve the quality of your livestock products.
~ Verdant Skies

Nessa Collins is the zoologist of Viridis Primus. They are unlocked by completing Recruiting a zoologist, which unlocks the Animal House achievement.

First contact[edit | edit source]

Once the player completes the Recruiting a zoologist job, they will be alerted to Meet Biologist at Jade's Office. Upon entering the Administration Building, they will partake in a conversation between Jade and Nessa.

  • Jade: Was the trip enjoyable?
  • Nessa: Twas quite a pretty journey sure.
  • Jade: I also hope you have found your accommodations suitable?
  • Nessa: I've nary a complaint, Administrator Washington.
  • Jade: Ah, [Player Name]! You have impeccable timing, as always. I am pleased to introduce Dr. Nessa Collins.
  • Nessa: Pleased ta meet ya, [Player Name]! I'm your new zoologist! — (The Animal House achievement is unlocked.)

The description of Nessa Collins is displayed.

  • Nessa: I love studying and caring for animals. So if ya have any questions about 'em, I'm your lass! Sorry I can't stay ta chat. I really must be getting ta work straight away. Don't let it get ya down! I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a bit o' me. Oh, before I go ... Here's a plan so ya can start getting ready for your own animals. And here's a machine ya can use ta grow an animal from one o' those genetic samples you've been collecting. I'll be in the lab in the northwest if ya need me. Looking forward ta working with ya! (Animal pen & Animal incubator unlocked.)

Schedule[edit | edit source]

Nessa's schedule is very simple. From 6 in the morning to 10 in the evening, she's wandering outside.

There's no difference between Summer or Eclipse season.

Time Location
6:00 AM Leaves her room to wander outside.
10:00 PM Goes to bed to sleep.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Wyatt can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with her:

Are you a gambler, farmer?”

  • I love a good game of chance!
    • Haven't we all bet once or twice on a game o' rings? A wee wager ever now and again ne'er hurt anybody. — (+ friendship.)
  • Gambling is for fools.
    • Unknown
  • I've been known to place a wager.
    • Unknown

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

First Green Heart.png
The player can reach the first green heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full.

Welcome, farmer! I was just doing a bit o' research. Nothing that can't wait. Come on in now. Don't be shy. The lab's a tad messy, but 'tis safe for ya ta come in. That's better now! Let me get a good look at ya. You're a farmer for sure! Got that outdoorsy look about ya that only a farmer has. Don't be offended! I grew up on a farm. Ain't nothing wrong with being a farmer.

  • You were a farmer?
    • I didn't say I was a farmer. I just grew up on a farm. There's a difference ya know. I may know my way around animals, and I can bale hay with the best of 'em ... But I amn't a farmer.
  • I'm proud to be a farmer!
    • 'Tis important ta take pride in your work! I'd be a wee bit worried about if ya were doing a job ya hate.
  • I hate farming!
    • Well, I can't blame ya for that! You're at the mercy o' the weather and 'tis backbreaking labor for sure!

My family has a farm. My brother took over for my da when he got too old ta tend ta things. I ain't been back near as oft as I should be. Och! Will ya listen ta me rambling on about myself as if ya had asked for my biography. I need ta finish something for the administrator before the day is through. I should get back ta my research straight away. 'Twas good talking with ya, farmer!

Second Green heart[edit | edit source]

Second Green Heart.png
The player can reach the second green heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the first green heart has been reached.

Come on in, farmer! I was just about ta check on my little zoo. I'd love ta introduce ya ta my babies. I've quite the collection o' local animals! These are the progeny o' the first samples I acquired when I arrived on Viridis Primus. I'd like ya ta meet Danny. He's quite the little devil, always getting his tiny purple hide inta trouble. He likes getting underfoot and giving me a hard time. Just like my dear eldest brother, Daniel. And this here's Jack. Something about his beak reminded me o' my other brother. Jackie is also fond of birds, so I couldn't help myself but ta name this little fella after him. Keeping with tradition, this beauty here is Ruby. Named her after my youngest sister. 'Tis a bit in jest. Little Ruby is far more delicate than this hairy beast ... But she's nearly as stubborn for sure! Last, but certainly not the least is my little Livi. Her soft curly locks reminded me of my sis Olivia. Of all my siblings, I think Livi understands me best. This little lamb has the same sweet soul. Soft and warm just like her coat. 'Tis a bit silly o' me ta dote on 'em so, but just look how sweet they are! Are ya taking good care o' your animals, farmer?

  • I don't have any yet.
    • Then what're ya doing just standing around here yakking with me? Ya have important work ta be doing!
  • Of course!
    • I knew ya were a good seed! Ya can tell a lot about a person depending on how they treat defenseless animals and people weaker than 'em.
  • They're just livestock.
    • Are ya teasing me for naming my livestock after my family? They're not just livestock! They're living, breathing creatures under your care. I better ne'er catch ya mistreating 'em.

Now go get ta work! Next time I stop by I expect ta find your farm full of healthy, happy wee critters.

Third Green heart[edit | edit source]

Third Green Heart.png
The player can reach the third green heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the second green heart has been reached. This event vary quite a bit depending on what you answered to her during a small talk about your family.

Thank ya for stopping by, farmer! 'Tis been great fun getting ta know ya. I feel like ya really understand me. That's why I wanted ta talk ta you about something. ... Do ya have anyone you're missing from back on the home planet, farmer?

  • Someone special.
    • Ya left a lover back there?!
      • Just a friend!
        • Och! Forgive me for assuming! I just thought ... The way ya said it ... I've not been so embarrassed in a donkey's years!
      • We aren't together.
        • Och! Unrequited love! 'Tis the worst feeling o' all ta love someone who doesn't love ya in return. I can understand why ya decided ta come here then. A fresh start ta help heal your heart.
      • Yeah.
        • I can't imagine leaving behind part o' my soul on another planet! I hope ya can get back ta 'em someday soon.
    • I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly how ya were feeling. The ones I miss are my family. I ne'er thought I'd miss 'em so much.
    • I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly how ya were feeling. Just like I can't claim to understand the pain ya must feel having no family ta speak of. I miss my family terribly. I can't even begin ta imagine how ya must feel. — (If you answered that you have no family.)
  • My family.
    • Then you're in the same boat as I. 'Tis good that we have 'em though! As much as I miss 'em, I count myself lucky ta have 'em out there thinking o' me. Even if I ne'er get ta see 'em again.
    • Your family? But I thought ya said ya didn't have any? Och, I'm such a fool! They don't have ta be living for ya ta miss someone. I miss my family terribly. I can only imagine how ya must feel. — (If you answered that you have no family.)
  • My pet.
    • I hope ya found 'em a nice home before ya jetted off inta space! Och! I'm sure ya did. If you're missing 'em, ya must love 'em dearly. I've been missing my folks so much I didn't think about the animals on the farm. I hope they're alright without me ta tend ta 'em.
    • Since ya have no family ta speak of, I hope ya left 'em with an acquaintance so ya can see 'em again someday. I don't know how ya do it ... If I didn't have my family ... — (If you answered that you have no family.)
  • No one.
    • 'Tis a double-edged sword I suppose. Nobody ta miss, but nobody ta miss ya in return. I hope ya feel less alone here on Viridis Primus. I know you're well liked by everyone I talk ta. I amn't one ta pry, so I won't ask ya more. But if ya do have some kin you're not close ta, I urge ya ta reconsider healing those wounds if ya can. O' course some wounds run too deep. Some bridges can't be repaired. Ya know it in your heart if that's the case. I'm lucky enough ta get along with my family. In fact, I miss 'em something awful! Sometimes I wonder if I should have e'er left 'em ta come here.
    • It must be tough with no family ta call ya. I can't even begin ta imagine how lonely that must be. I miss my family terribly, but ta not have 'em there at all ... — (If you answered that you have no family.)

Now enough o' all this mushy stuff! I didn't invite ya over ta make either o' us cry. I suppose I should be getting back ta work. I think I'll listen ta one o' my favorite music disks ta cheer me up. Why don't ya take a copy for yourself? I'll bet a bit o' pennywhistle will lift your spirits! Thanks for keeping me company for a bit. I'm happy ta count you as one o' my friends, farmer. — (Unlocked Music disc for: Nessa & Paw-sitively Friends! achievement.)

First Blue heart[edit | edit source]

First Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the first blue heart by visiting Nessa's Lab between 11 am and 2 pm when her relationship bar is full and the third green heart has been reached. This event vary quite a bit depending on what you answered to her during a small talk about the rain.

Don't ya dare even take one step in here! We're heading out straight away. No arguments! I've found the perfect place ta have a picnic and you're coming with me.

The screen dims, and 30 minutes passes.

I was out for a walk and just fell in love with this view. The way the reflections dance in the water ... The smell o' the flowers ... The feel o' the grass underfoot ... It all reminds me o' the farm. I just love being outdoors, with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair! It makes me feel wild and free! Like an animal let loose o' their cage. What do ya think o' this place? Lovely, isn't it?

  • I don't care for the outdoors.
    • That's a shame! Doesn't really make sense with ya being a farmer and all.
  • It's not as lovely as you.
    • Och, farmer! What're ya going on about now? You're embarrassing me. I invited ya out here as your friend. Ya best be keeping those hands o' yours where I can see 'em!
  • It is a nice view.
    • Glad ya like it! I figured ya would.

I made some shepherd's pie for us today. I hope ya like it! 'Tis my nana's recipe. I'll share it with ya. That way ya can enjoy some tasty shepherd's pie whene'er ya like. Don't be shy now, eat up!

The screen dims, you regain 30 energy and 1 hour passes.

I could sit here with ya for ages, farmer! Does the sky look dark ta ya? It seems the fairies have other plans! We best head back ta my lab! Well don't just stand there! Run! Well, that was more of an adventure than I had planned!

  • I remember ya don't like the rain. You're welcome ta hang around here until it clears. But I have ta get back ta work. — (If you answered that you don't like rain.)
  • I know ya love the rain as much as I, but 'tis not healthy ta just stand outdoors while 'tis spitting rain. Ya might catch a cold. — (If you answered that you love rain.)
  • I remember ya saying how ya liked the rain for the time it saves ya! Looks like there's no need ta water today. Too bad I haven't extra time ta spend with ya. I need ta get back ta my work. — (If you answered that rain is good for watering crops.)

Second Blue heart[edit | edit source]

Second Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the second blue heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the first blue heart has been reached.

Thanks for stopping by, farmer! Care for a cup o' tea?

  • Sure.
    • Here ya go. Help yourself ta as much as ya wish.
  • I don't drink tea.
    • Och, really!? I thought everyone drank tea.
  • No thanks.
    • Suit yourself! I've plenty o' water too.

As ya may have noticed, I oft trip over my words. I'm not one for all that social posturing and trying ta be something I amn't. My lack o' interest in impressing folks didn't do me any favors when I was trying ta find work. Have ya e'er had any trouble like that, farmer? Folks not accepting ya for who you are?

  • People love me.
    • I can't say I disagree! But you're not a very humble person, are ya? That's fine by me! If ya have reason ta be confident, why not be? I've certainly ne'er been accused o' being timid!
  • Not that I recall.
    • 'Tis good ya haven't had any memorable encounters! I can't say the same.
  • Once or twice.
    • I thought ya might have a wild streak in ya that could cause you a bit o' trouble now and again. We're a bit alike, us two.
  • Your attitude is sexy.
    • I can't tell if ya really mean ta compliment me or if your teasing me! Maybe you're as awkward as I am after all! Must be part o' the reason we get along so well. Now stop distracting me so I can finish telling you about why I'm here!
    • Did ya not learn anything during our picnic? I'm trying ta be your friend, farmer. — (If you said her that she's lovely in the previous event.)

Straight out o' school I couldn't find many places would take a "spitfire" like myself. Eventually I lucked out and found a lab run by a lass who shared my temperament. Och! The fights we had were epic! We'd yell and call one another names. The techs would flee the lab at the smallest sign o' debate! But 'twas all in the name o' science! We respected each other something fierce. I was hesitant ta take this assignment. I could have worked in that lab for all my life. But history isn't made by folks who don't take risks! Now look at me. The first ta research and clone alien critters! Besides ... I'd ne'er have met ya if I hadn't come ta Viridis Primus. That alone makes it worth the trip!

Third Blue heart[edit | edit source]

Third Blue Heart.png
The player can reach the third blue heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the second blue heart has been reached.

I'm a lass who knows what she wants ... No, no, no, that's not it. I seen the way ya been looking at me ... Och! That ain't it either!

  • Hello?

farmer! How long have ya been standing there? Ya nearly stopped my heart, ya startled me so! How much did ya hear?

  • Who were you talking about?
    • Are ya really that thick, farmer?
  • Nothing, I just arrived.
    • Good! Then I get ta do this right!
  • Everything.
    • Then it seems I've been caught.

I don't know how ta talk about this kind o' thing, so I'll just come out and say it.

Here is where you'll be able to date Nessa if you're not already dating someone.
Single Already Dating
I'm quite fond o' ya, farmer.
  • If I'm not mistaken, ya might be a bit fond o' me as well.
  • And unless I've been misreading your multiple advances, ya like me a bit as well. — (If you flirted with her in the previous events.)
  • And I think maybe ya feel the same since ya called me "lovely" once. — (If you said her that she's lovely in the previous event.)
  • Seeing as ya like my attitude, I'm hoping that ya might be a bit fond o' me too. — (If you said her that she's sexy in the previous event.)

What do ya say, farmer? Will ya be with me? Can I call you a ghrá? My love?

  • I'll date you!
    • Not so fast! Now that I know you're interested, I can tell ya my rules. Actually 'tis only one rule. I'm a wee bit old fashioned. If I know anything, 'tis that ya shouldn't spread your love too thin. If ya want ta be with me, 'tis all or nothing.
      • That includes any old flames ya may've left back on the home planet! — (If you said her that you left your lover on the home planet.)
      • Do ya still want ta be with me, farmer?
        • You and only you!
          • I knew I felt something special with ya! I can't express how relieved I am that ya feel the same!
        • Let's stay friends.
          • I understand. We're young. 'Tis asking a lot ta be tied ta one person. If ya e'er change your mind, ya know where ta find me. If ya e'er change your mind, ya know where ta find me.
  • We make great friends.
    • Then why would ya flirt with me if ya had no intention o' dating me? — (If you flirted with her in the previous events.)
    • Well, I can't make ya feel something ya don't.
  • If ya e'er change your mind, ya know where ta find me.
I like ya quite a bit, farmer. If ya e'er find yourself in a spot where you're looking for a special lass, I wouldn't be opposed ta being yours. But if I know anything, 'tis that ya can't spread your love too thin. If ya want ta be with me, 'tis all or nothing. And I'm not a fool. I know you're with [Character Name] right now, so don't even try ta tell me different! If things change, ya know where ta find me.

First Red heart[edit | edit source]

First Red Heart.png
The player can reach the first red heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the third blue heart has been reached.

Good ta see ya, farmer! Follow me ta the place I think we'll have the best luck finding what I'm looking for.

The screen dims, and 30 minutes passes.

Now I think it 'twas around here somewhere. Ah! There 'tis! This place certainly felt very promising!

  • There's an animal over there!
    • There is?! Och, how unlucky can a lass be? I amn't interested in the wildlife today, farmer ...
  • I don't see any animals.
    • That's not the promising I was referring ta ...
  • This is pretty secluded.
    • Och, ya caught me, farmer!

We're not out here looking for samples. I've plenty o' those back in the lab. I just wanted ta go on a wee adventure with ya. Maybe steal a kiss out in the wild. If you're interested, that is?

  • Kiss away!
    • Let's get to it then! I haven't been up this way very often. Maybe when ya get bored o' kissing, we can keep exploring for a bit. I suppose I should say <i>if</i> ya get bored.
  • Someone might see!
    • Och, farmer! Why do ya think I chose a place so far out? I don't think anyone will see us here. So, will ya give me a little kiss?
      • I'll kiss you. (Kiss away! answer.)
      • Not right now.
  • Not right now.
    • O' course! If you're not in the mood, I can respect that. That doesn't mean we can't continue exploring for a bit before we head back. I just enjoy spending time with ya!
- If you said in the previous event that you don't like to be outdoors + "Not right now." answer.
The screen dims, and 1 hour 30 minutes passes.

I had a great time with ya today. I just can't get enough o' being outside! Thank ya for sharing some time with me out under the trees.

I know ya don't like the outdoors, so we can head back ta my place.

The screen dims, and 30 minutes passes.

I can't believe I dragged ya all the way up inta the forest ta try ta steal a kiss. Ya must think me quite silly! I just wanted ta share something I love with someone I love. Next time we can just stay in!

Second Red heart[edit | edit source]

Second Red Heart.png
The player can reach the second red heart by visiting Nessa's Lab during the evening when her relationship bar is full and the first red heart has been reached.

I've got too much energy tonight! I feel like a firecracker ready ta explode! But you're looking like ya might be a bit tired. I've got ta dance. Do ya think ya can keep up?

  • I'll watch.
    • Oh really? Not enough fire in ya ta try? I suppose 'tis no different than the fellas watching me at the pub. Except o' course that I'm asking for your attention.
  • I'm willing to try!
    • Ne'er too tired ta dance with your lady then? I promise ya won't regret it.
  • I don't dance.
    • Ya can't be serious?! I thought everyone danced ... Not even a wee bit? Can you at least try? Maybe ya ne'er had a good partner.
      • I'll watch.
      • Okay, I'll try.
        • I hope I didn't bully ya inta this!

Now, let me show ya how we blow off steam back home!

The screen dims, and 1 hour 30 minutes passes.

If you don't dance but finally tried with/watched her. If you watched her. If you danced with her.
That wasn't so bad now, was it?
  • It was fun!
    • Glad ya changed your mind then, farmer! Ya can take me for a spin on the dance floor any day!
  • I still don't like it.
    • Sorry, farmer! I really thought dancing with me could change your mind. I won't ask ya to again.
Well, what did ya think, farmer? Did I change your mind about dancing?
  • You're beautiful.
    • You're too sweet! You're making me blush. Don't e'er stop.
  • Next time I'll dance.
    • Feeling a bit o' remorse for not joining me tonight? Ya can take me for a spin on the dance floor any day!
  • It was okay.
    • Just okay, was it? I though ya might have something nicer ta say. I'll excuse ya this time because I know you're tired. But maybe next time pay your lady a compliment!
You're full o' energy, farmer! I can't believe I almost couldn't keep up with ya! What other surprises do ya have in store for me?

Third Red heart[edit | edit source]

Third Red Heart.png
The player can reach the third red heart by visiting Nessa's Lab when her relationship bar is full and the second red heart has been reached. This event will determine if you'll married together, move in, stay a couple or break up.

Ghrá... There's something I need ta talk ta you about.

  • Uh oh!
    • Don't go jumping ta conclusions before I've had my say! Every time a lass wants ta speak ta ya isn't cause ta fret.
  • I'm here for you.
    • I know you are! You're quite the special person, ya know.
  • What's wrong?
    • Who said there's something wrong? Every time a lass wants ta speak ta ya isn't cause ta fret.

Now the thing I want ta tell ya ... I always dreamed o' being more than just a farmer's wife. Don't look so upset! I'm not finished yet. Being with ya has made me see that being a farmer's wife won't be the thing ta keep me from achieving my goals. Ghrá, I'd like ta be this farmer's wife. Will ya take the commitment vows with me?

  • Yes!
    • Well that was rather quick! Ya must have been thinking o' it too! Just let me know when you're ready and I'll be waiting!
  • Let's live together.
    • Shack up? With no commitment vows? I suppose I ne'er considered that before. What will my family say? They know I do as I please! If ya really don't want a ceremony, I'll live with ya.
      • Let's move in!
        • As ya wish! I have a bit o' cleaning ta do before ya can start moving in. I'm excited ta have ya for a roommate. Come over tomorrow.
      • We can have a ceremony.
        • Och, ghrá! You're always thinking o' me. Having a ceremony means a lot ta me. I really appreciate ya consiering my feelings. Just let me know when you're ready and I'll be waiting! Schedule the ceremony in my journal.
  • No, I want someone else.
    • Your plan is ta just keep dating forever? I amn't interested in something like that. If we're not moving forward, I can't stay with ya. Do we need ta go our separate ways, [Player Name]?
      • I guess so.
        • What a pity. I was really getting fond o' having ya around. If ya don't mind, I'd like ta be alone for a while [Player Name].
      • Let's live together.
      • Let's have a ceremony.
        • I can't say I don't have my doubts now, but I do want ta be with ya. Just let me know when you're ready and I'll be waiting!

Collections[edit | edit source]

Nessa's Husbandry Helper
Yellow Flower.png Yellow Flower Foraging
Powdered Rock.png Powdered Rock 64x64px Grinder
Heartfruit.png Heartfruit Foraging
Cobberries.png Cobberries Foraging
Reward 64x64px Animal Pen x2
Nessa's Animal Droppings
Milk.png Milk 64x64px Cow
Egg.png Egg 64x64px Chicken
Wool.png Wool 64x64px Sheep
Reward 64x64px Animal Toys
Nessa's Crystal Critter Chow
Nitre.png Nitre Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Moutain Cave, Buy from Miles
Salt.png Salt 64x64px Grinder , Buy from Miles
Salty Crystal.png Salty Crystal Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Moutain Cave, Buy from Miles
Ruby.png Ruby Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Moutain Cave, Buy from Miles
Sapphire.png Sapphire Smashing rocks with a Pickaxe in the Moutain Cave, Buy from Miles
Reward 64x64px Nessa's Centrifuge
Nessa's Creature Commodities
64x64px Sweet Milk 64x64px Cow
64x64px Giant Egg 64x64px Chicken
64x64px Glow Wool 64x64px Sheep
Reward No favorite animal: 64x64px Giant Egg 64x64px Sweet Milk Sapphire.png Sapphire 64x64px Glow Wool

Choose Chicken: 64x64px Giant Egg x4
Choose Cow: 64x64px Sweet Milk x4
Choose Crystal Blob: Sapphire.png Sapphire x4
Choose Sheep: 64x64px Glow Wool x4

Portraits[edit | edit source]