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Rosie Martínez
Rosie Martínez normal.png
Mechanical engineer
Related to
Ramón Martínez (twin brother)
Rosie Martínez is the colony’s talented mechanical engineer. Blind from birth, she has never let her disability hinder her adventurous nature. She has a knack for fixing things and possesses many patents for her original designs. Respected by her peers on the home planet, Rosie now uses her gifts to aid you in your colonization of Viridis Primus.

Rosie Martínez is a mechanical engineer. She is the first person the player meets after they crash into Viridis Primus. She is blind. She is the twin sister of Ramón Martínez.

First contact[edit | edit source]

The spaceship will crash on the coast of Viridis Primus, and the player will be met with an unnamed character, who will later reveal herself to be Rosie Martínez. The player will then have their first conversation with another character:

  •  ??? (Rosie): ¿Hola? Did you survive that rough landing?
    • Option 1: Just barely! That ship is a death trap!
      •  ??? (Rosie): I didn't work on the transportation for the colonists.
      •  ??? (Rosie): You won't have trouble like that with anything I make you.
    • Option 2: I've had better days, but I'll live.
      •  ??? (Rosie): I'm glad you're not hurt! It looks like your ship wasn't so lucky.
  •  ??? (Rosie): You must be [Player Name]! We've been expecting you.
  • Rosie: I'm Rosie Martínez. The colony's mechanical engineer.
  • Rosie: Actually, I'm a space mechanical engineer now. Yeah ... That sounds much more interesting!

The screen will dim and show an image and description of Rosie. Afterwards, dialogue will continue.

  • Rosie: I came to check on you and see if we could salvage any of your ship. Do you see any scrap laying around? — The relationship bar will fill up slightly.

The player will then be tasked with locating Scrap. This is not a proper job, because they do not have their interplanetary mail system set up until they meet Jade Washington. There is a piece of Scrap to be picked up just north of the crash site. Picking it up will give the player the This Pun Is Scrap achievement. Rosie will walk up to them and continue the conversation:

  • Rosie: ¡Bueno! You found a piece of scrap. That'll come in handy.
  • Rosie: Keep your eyes open for more wreckage as you explore this planet. We'll need it to build you a shelter.
  • Rosie: Follow me. There's someone you should meet.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Rosie can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with her:

  • Rosie: You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite tool.
  • Rosie: What's yours?
    • Option 1: Wrench!
      • Rosie: I never leave home without mine! — The relationship bar will fill up slightly.
    • Option 2: Definitely clamps.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 3: My computer.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 4: I like hammers!
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Rosie: I understand why we needed to pack light ...
  • Rosie: I just wish I could have brought more tools!

  • Rosie: Two power inverters, 1/8 inch steel plate, 3/4 inch bolts ...
  • Rosie: ¡Ay! You startled me. — The relationship bar will fill up slightly.
  • Rosie: Sorry, [Player Name] ... I have to remember the list of things I need Jade to order. We can talk later!
  • Rosie: Okay, now that's two power inverters, 3/4 inch steel plate, 1/8 inch bolts ...

  • Rosie: Hi, [Player Name]! Isn't it strange how you can go days here without seeing anyone else?
  • Rosie: If you get lonely, feel free to stop by my place. I sure would appreciate the company!

  • Rosie: We're so far from home ...
  • Rosie: But this place feels remarkably the same.

  • Rosie: Do you like it here, [Player Name]?
    • Option 1: It's too quiet.
      • Rosie: I agree.
      • Rosie: Good thing we have one another for company!
    • Option 2: It's nice.
      • Unknown dialogue

This instance is a reference to a prior small talk conversation in which Rosie struggles to remember whether to order 1/8 inch steel plates and 3/4 inch bolts or 3/4 inch steel plates and 1/8 inch bolts.

  • Rosie: Jade ordered the wrong materials for me.
  • Rosie: She swears it's what I told her ... But I couldn't make such a silly mistake.
  • Rosie: Could I?
  • Rosie: What will I do with all these 1/8 inch bolts and 3/4 inch steel plates?

  • Rosie: I love the sound of flowing water. It's so relaxing!

  • Rosie: Thanks for coming by to chat! I hope we become very good friends.
  • Rosie: Now get back to work before Jade gets mad at me!

  • Rosie: Machines speak to me.
  • Rosie: Not like, "Hi, Rosie, que pasa?"
  • Rosie: More like "buzz, clunk, beep."
  • Rosie: What did you think I meant?

  • Rosie: I don't think there's any problem that can't be solved with technology.
  • Rosie: Except maybe being rude.
  • Rosie: We still haven't found a fix for that!

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can acquire the first green heart by entering Rosie's shop.

  • Rosie: ¿Hola?
    • Option 1: Feel like chatting?
      • Rosie: Come on in. I was just about to take a break.
      • Rosie: When I signed up for this trip, I didn't think about how few people would be here.
      • Rosie: I have my work to keep me busy, but sometimes it's nice to just chat with someone.
      • Rosie: Jade isn't really big on small talk.
        • Option 1: I hadn't noticed.
        • Option 2: She sure isn't!
          • Rosie: I'm sure she'll warm up to us in time.
          • Rosie: So tell me a little about yourself. What brought you to Viridis Primus?
          • The screen dims, and 1 hour passes.
          • Rosie: Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit, [Player Name]. It was nice to have some human interaction.
          • Rosie: Sorry if I rambled on for too long! I'm just used to having mi hermano around.
          • Rosie: I miss him quite a bit. He's my twin. Sometimes it feels like half of me is missing without him here.
          • Rosie: ¡Dios mío! Look at the time! I'e kept you from your work for way too long.
          • Rosie: If Jade asks, we were talking about work, okay? — Relationship advances to the first green heart.
    • Option 2: Oops! Wrong house.

Random events[edit | edit source]

Music Box[edit | edit source]

Main article: Music Box

When the player first sleeps in their home, Rosie will wake them up to give them a Music Box as a gift. It comes preloaded with the default songs—Background 1, Background 2, Background 3, Eclipse Theme, Adaptive Theme, Adaptive Eclipse Theme—as well as Rosie's Theme. The player will hear a knock on their door as they attempt to wake up, and will have the following conversation with Rosie:

  • Rosie: ¡Buenos días, [Player Name]! Rise and shine!
    • Option 1: Isn't it kind of early, Rosie?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: What time is it?
      • Rosie: Did I wake you? It's time to get up, lazy bones!
      • Rosie: The early bird catches the worm.
      • Rosie: Then again, the early worm gets eaten...
      • Rosie: I have something for you.
      • Rosie: I felt awful about your ship exploding and Jade making you pay for it.
      • Rosie: So I made you this music box. You can use it to play any music discs you receive.
      • Rosie: I loaded a couple songs to start you off, but I'm sure other people will be more than happy to share their favorites too!
      • Rosie: I'll let you get ready for the day. ¡Hasta luego, [Player Name]!

Seed Extractor instructions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Seed Extractor

Although he does not give the player a Seed Extractor directly, Wyatt offers to let the player use the Seed Extractor in his lab. In this conversation, Rosie teaches the player how to use the machine. This occurs in a random event, usually around the time Zaheen Patel arrives. When this occurs, the player leaves their house to find Rosie Martínez and Wyatt talking outside. The following conversation occurs:

  • Rosie: Can you describe the noise it was making again please, Wyatt?
  • Wyatt: I suppose it sounds like a mix of grinding and popping.
  • Rosie: Hmm. Maybe something is lodged inside. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  • Player: Good morning, what's up?
  • Wyatt: Rosie kindly offered to fix my seed extractor.
  • Wyatt: Would you like to come along? You may learn something as well!
    • Option 1: No thanks.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Sure!
      • Wyatt: Fantastic! Please accompany us to my lab.

The three then walk to Wyatt's Lab. On the way, Rosie will say to the player, Happy to have you tag along, [Player Name]! When they enter the lab, the conversation continues.

  • Rosie: Dios mío, Wyatt! What have you been using this for?
  • Wyatt: Not for anything out of the ordinary!
  • Rosie: Have you made a seed extractor for yourself, [Player Name]? — Note: This statement says it is from Wyatt in the dialogue box, however the relationship bar and image displayed is for Rosie.
    • Option 1: Not yet.
      • Rosie: You really should have one for your farm, [Player Name].
      • Wyatt: Rosie is correct! Though you are always more than welcome to borrow mine.
      • Wyatt: When it is functioning, of course.
      • Wyatt: I usually only have on problem with my seed extractor. I often forget the crops in my refrigerator.
      • Wyatt: Try not to make the same mistake, [Player Name].
      • Rosie: That sounds more like user error than a problem with the extractor itself!
      • Wyatt: ...
      • Rosie: Sorry, Wyatt! I just don't like when people blame machines for the mistakes they make.
      • Wyatt: It is quite alright, Rosie. You are absolutely correct.
      • Wyatt: A little friendly ribbing now and again helps to keep ones ego in check.
      • Rosie: Do you understand how the extractor works now, [Player Name]?
        • Option 1: Not quite.
          • Rosie: That's okay! As Wyatt was saying, you must have your crops in your inventory to use them in the seed extractor.
          • Rosie: Just drag them in and press the button.
          • Rosie: Also, the seeds you extract are deposited into your seed storage bin.
          • Rosie: You won't find them if you look in your inventory!
          • Rosie: Well, Wyatt, it's good as new!
          • Wyatt: Wonderful! Thank you very much, Rosie. You are very kind.
          • Rosie: Anytime, Wyatt!
          • Rosie: That goes for you too, [Player Name]. Just let me know if anything needs fixing!
        • Option 2: You bet!
          • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Yes!
      • Unknown dialogue

Collections[edit | edit source]

Items Rewards
Rosie's Critical Components
Lumber.png Lumber
Stone.png Stone
Scrap.png Scrap
64x64px Wheelycart
Rosie's Elementary Equipment
64x64px Seed Extractor
64x64px Woodworking Workbench
64x64px Seed Chest
64x64px Utility Drawer
Rosie's Advanced Aparatuses
64x64px Grinder
64x64px Upgraded Watering Tank
64x64px 3D Printer
64x64px Rosie's Short Bookcase
Rosie's Mechanical Master

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rosie is named Emma in the game's files.