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Skye Miller
Skye Miller normal.png
Unlocked in
Recruiting a photojournalist
Related achievements
We Built This City
Despite being paid by Planetary Pioneers, Skye takes seriously her ethical responsibility to produce an unbiased narrative of the colonization of Viridis Primus. Her desire for an honest representation sometimes puts her at odds with Jade who would prefer a more positive spin on the colony’s progress.

Skye Miller is a photojournalist at Planetary Pioneers. She is hired by Jade Washington by the player completing the Recruiting a photojournalist job. When completed, the #nofilter achievement will be acquired.

Skye is a vegan.

First contact[edit | edit source]

Once the player has built the Pioneer Plaza, they can visit Jade in the Administration Building to meet Skye. The player will have the following conversation with the two of them.

  •  ??? (Skye): ... I didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't be proud! It's just that the colony isn't quite what I was expecting.
  •  ??? (Skye): Based on your messages I just expected there to be... more.
  • Jade: I understand that at first glance it may not seem as though we have made much progress. However, bringing life and culture to a barren world is difficult work.
  • Jade: Tell me, how many space colonies have you visited before ours, Ms. Miller?
  •  ??? (Skye): ...
  •  ??? (Skye): Fair enough! I promise to keep an open mind!
  •  ??? (Skye): But I'm not here to advertise for your company. I'll give a fair, but honest account of the progress.
  • Jade: I would expect nothing less.
  • Jade: [Player Name], I would like you to meet Skye Miller. She is the photojournalist I mentioned. — The #nofilter achievement is acquired.
  • Skye: Hiya, [Player Name]! Happy to meet you! If you see me snapping photos of you, it's strictly professional. I promise!

Skye's image and description display.

  • Skye: I'm really looking forward to checking out your farm. Is it possible to get a guided tour sometime?
  • Skye: My studio is northwest of Rosie's shop. With all these alien landscapes to photograph you might have trouble catching me at home though.
  • Skye: But don't let that stop you from popping in to say hi! You might luck out and catch me developing some prints.
  • Skye: I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of one another, [Player Name]. Later you two.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Skye can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with her:

  • Skye: I can't promise all the photos I take of your farm will be flattering.

  • Skye: I hope you catch and release when you go fishing, [Player Name].

  • Skye: Do you know anything about photography, [Player Name]?
    • Option 1: Teach me?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Not much.
      • Skye: It's not for everyone.
    • Option 3: More than you.
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Skye: I'm so glad the plants on this planet taste so good!
  • Skye: I was worried I wouldn't have anything to eat!

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can acquire the first green heart by entering Skye's home.

  • Skye: Welcome, [Player Name]! Come on in and make yourself comfortable. I just want to chat a little about your role here on [Viridis Primus].
  • Skye: I'll be taking a few notes as we talk today just so that I can be sure I understand your responsibilities. Don't let it make you nervous!
    • Option 1: Do you have to take notes?
      • 'Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Okay!
      • Skye: If you want to see what I'm writing down, just ask! It'll keep me honest if you're double checking me.
      • Skye: Now, I understand you're responsible for most of the manual labor here. Tell me about how you got roped into that!
      • The screen fades to black and then back in.
      • Skye: You've got quite the interesting story, [Player Name]! I'd never have guessed.
        • Option 1: I'm not that remarkable.
          • Unkown dialogue
        • Option 2: Thank you!
          • Skye: I think I have a decent idea what you do around here. I'll check in with you later if I have any follow up questions.
          • Skye: Have a great day!

Random events[edit | edit source]

Collections[edit | edit source]

Items Rewards
Skye's Apprentice Angler
64x64px Black Hole Bass
64x64px Dusky Salmon
64x64px Winged Trout
64x64px Skye's Photos
Skye's Adept Angler
64x64px Startled Sucker
64x64px Citrus Tang
64x64px Pesky Puffer
64x64px Skye's Tripod
Skye's Reel Pro
64x64px Dazed Eel
64x64px Golden Darter
Stinky Inky.png Stinky Inky
64x64px Skye's Lighting Kit
64x64px Skye's Spotlight
Skye's Fishing Fanatic
64x64px Trawling Chomper
64x64px Freckled Newt
64x64px Polar Prawn
64x64px Copper Bubbler
64x64px Cadet koi
Stellar Skimmer.png Stellar Skimmer
64x64px Skye's Backdrop