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Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones normal.png
Unlocked in
Native crop requisition
Related achievements
Putting Down Roots
Related to
Zaheen Patel (possible relation)
Every space farming colony needs a reliable botanist, and Dr. Wyatt Jones is yours! Friendly albeit a little distant, Wyatt finds little use for small talk. However, he will be more than happy to speak at length regarding the sciences. Use his vast knowledge to aid you in your farming endeavors.

Dr. Wyatt Jones is a botanist. He is unlocked by completing Native crop requisition, which gives the player the Putting Down Roots achievement.

First contact[edit | edit source]

Once the player completes the Native crop requisition job, they will be alerted to Meet Biologist at Jade's Office. Upon entering the Administration Building, they will partake in a conversation between Jade and Wyatt.

  •  ??? (Wyatt): Thank you, Administrator. I am very pleased to be here!
  •  ??? (Wyatt): I will keep you updated on my discoveries. Good day.

He will then walk up to the player and initiate a conversation.

  •  ??? (Wyatt): Just the person I was hoping to bump into! You must be [Player Name].
  •  ??? (Wyatt): I owe you my gratitude. I would not be here were it not for you!
  •  ??? (Wyatt): Your hard work to prove that plants can be cultivated on Viridis Primus secured my assignment to the colony.
  •  ??? (Wyatt): Where are my manners?!
  • Wyatt: I am Doctor Wyatt Jones, your resident botanist. — The player gains the Putting Down Roots achievement.

Wyatt's description and image will then display. Then the conversation continues.

  • Wyatt: I believe I can assist you with improving your crops.
  • Wyatt: My lab is just north of here. Please feel free to visit me any time.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Wyatt can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with him:

  • Wyatt: The colors of the local florae are so vibrant! I am still trying to figure out which ones are edible.
  • Wyatt: Can you do me a favor and taste this?
  • Wyatt: If it burns or tingles, do not swallow it and let me know immediately.

  • Wyatt: Oh! Hello, [Player Name]. I was just examining a sample of Poaceae I recently collected.
    • Option 1: Beautiful grass, isn't it?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Is that some kind of plant?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 3: Poe a what now?
      • Wyatt: pōˈāsēˌē. Grass, [Player Name].

  • Wyatt: Oh, [Player Name]! You startled me! Now I have ruined the sample I collected this morning.
    • Option 1: I'll help you find another.
      • Wyatt: No need, [Player Name]. The hunt is half the fun!
      • Wyatt: Please excuse me, I must resume my research.
    • Option 2: Oops, sorry!
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Wyatt: I would wager that you are quite pleased with how readily available new seed samples are.
  • Wyatt: Remember to thank your industrious avian assistants!

  • Wyatt: There appear to be several distinct biomes in the immediate area.
  • Wyatt: How very advantageous for my research!

  • Wyatt: Which of the native grasses do you find most stimulating?
    • Option 1: The purple ones are beautiful!
      • Wyatt: A most unusual color indeed. Quite breathtaking.
    • Option 2: I like the green ones best.
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Wyatt: I am finally beginning to feel at home here.

  • Wyatt: I find it remarkable that even the gravity of Viridis Primus is almost identical to that of our home planet.
  • Wyatt: It is almost as if e never left.

  • Wyatt: The climate here is remarkably similar to that of our home planet.
  • Wyatt: Therefore, I am not surprised by the similarities of the botanical specimens.

  • Wyatt: Today is an exceptionally good day. I have already identified two additional species of plants.

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can attain the first green heart by visiting Wyatt's Lab when his relationship bar is full.

  • Wyatt: Welcome to my home, [Player Name].
  • Wyatt: I recently realized that you and I have not yet had time to speak at length.
  • Wyatt: Being that there are so few of us in the colony, I feel it paramount that we all spend at least a little time getting to know one another.
  • Wyatt: Do you agree?
    • Option 1: I don't like talking.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Of course!
      • Wyatt: Perhaps you can assist me with this crossword? There are a few clues that have me stumped.
      • The screen fades to black and then back in.
      • Wyatt: I am glad we had this opportunity to get to spend some time together.
      • Wyatt: I hope you enjoyed my company as much as I did yours.
        • Option 1: I have to go... uhh.. do something.
          • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 2: It was wonderful!
          • Wyatt: Very good! I am sure you have much to do.
          • Wyatt: Have a good day, [Player Name]. I will see you again soon.

Random events[edit | edit source]

Seed Extractor and instructions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Seed Extractor

Although he does not give the player a Seed Extractor directly, Wyatt offers to let the player use the Seed Extractor in his lab. In this conversation, Rosie teaches the player how to use the machine. This occurs in a random event, usually around the time Zaheen Patel arrives. When this occurs, the player leaves their house to find Rosie Martínez and Wyatt talking outside. The following conversation occurs:

  • Rosie: Can you describe the noise it was making again please, Wyatt?
  • Wyatt: I suppose it sounds like a mix of grinding and popping.
  • Rosie: Hmm. Maybe something is lodged inside. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  • Player: Good morning, what's up?
  • Wyatt: Rosie kindly offered to fix my seed extractor.
  • Wyatt: Would you like to come along? You may learn something as well!
    • Option 1: No thanks.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Sure!
      • Wyatt: Fantastic! Please accompany us to my lab.

The three then walk to Wyatt's Lab. On the way, Rosie will say to the player, Happy to have you tag along, [Player Name]! When they enter the lab, the conversation continues.

  • Rosie: Dios mío, Wyatt! What have you been using this for?
  • Wyatt: Not for anything out of the ordinary!
  • Rosie: Have you made a seed extractor for yourself, [Player Name]? — Note: This statement says it is from Wyatt in the dialogue box, however the relationship bar and image displayed is for Rosie.
    • Option 1: Not yet.
      • Rosie: You really should have one for your farm, [Player Name].
      • Wyatt: Rosie is correct! Though you are always more than welcome to borrow mine.
      • Wyatt: When it is functioning, of course.
      • Wyatt: I usually only have on problem with my seed extractor. I often forget the crops in my refrigerator.
      • Wyatt: Try not to make the same mistake, [Player Name].
      • Rosie: That sounds more like user error than a problem with the extractor itself!
      • Wyatt: ...
      • Rosie: Sorry, Wyatt! I just don't like when people blame machines for the mistakes they make.
      • Wyatt: It is quite alright, Rosie. You are absolutely correct.
      • Wyatt: A little friendly ribbing now and again helps to keep ones ego in check.
      • Rosie: Do you understand how the extractor works now, [Player Name]?
        • Option 1: Not quite.
          • Rosie: That's okay! As Wyatt was saying, you must have your crops in your inventory to use them in the seed extractor.
          • Rosie: Just drag them in and press the button.
          • Rosie: Also, the seeds you extract are deposited into your seed storage bin.
          • Rosie: You won't find them if you look in your inventory!
          • Rosie: Well, Wyatt, it's good as new!
          • Wyatt: Wonderful! Thank you very much, Rosie. You are very kind.
          • Rosie: Anytime, Wyatt!
          • Rosie: That goes for you too, [Player Name]. Just let me know if anything needs fixing!
        • Option 2: You bet!
          • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Yes!
      • Unknown dialogue

Collections[edit | edit source]

Items Rewards
Wyatt's Basic Biology
64x64px Red Flower
64x64px Yellow Flower
64x64px Blue Flower
64x64px Wyatt's Bookcase
64x64px Seed Chest
Wyatt's Plains Crops Pro
Dwarf Corn.png Dwarf Corn
Bristlegrain.png Bristlegrain
Lunaleaf.png Lunaleaf
Sunfruit.png Sunfruit
64x64px Wyatt's Couch
Wyatt's Marsh Crop Maven
64x64px Meteor Melon
Orbit Oats.png Orbit Oats
Pulsar Potatoes.png Pulsar Potatoes
Rocket Rice.png Rocket Rice
64x64px Wyatt's Plant 1
64x64px Wyatt's Plant 2
64x64px Wyatt's Plant 3
Wyatt's Mountain Crop Master