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Zaheen Patel
Zaheen Patel normal.png
Medical doctor
Unlocked in
Doctor's arrival at Wyatt's Lab
Related achievements
Do You Do House Calls?
Related to
Wyatt Jones (possible relation)
Colonists of Viridis Primus who fall ill will have the privilege of being treated by Doctor Zaheen Patel. Mindfully practicing medicine through a holistic approach, Zaheen is well liked by their patients. Zaheen’s presence in the colony is sure to help with morale due to their warm nature and conflict resolution skills.

Zaheen Patel is the colony's medical doctor and conflict mediator. They are unlocked in Doctor's arrival at Wyatt's Lab, which in turn unlocks Do You Do House Calls? On their first day, they gift the player with an Insect Jar so that they can capture insects for medicinal study.

First contact[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving at Wyatt's Lab, the player will listen to the ending portion of a conversation between Zaheen and Wyatt in which it becomes clear that there was a prior relationship between the two of some sort. Zaheen will introduce themselves to the player and engage in more banter with Wyatt until the conversation ceases.

  •  ??? (Zaheen): Your mother asked if I could gently remind you of her existence.
  •  ??? (Zaheen): I understand that it has been quite some time since you last called home?
  • Wyatt: You do realize that I may forget to do so yet again once this conversation is over?
  •  ??? (Zaheen): Do not trouble yourself. I will be certain to let her know that you still live.
  • Wyatt: It seems that some things never change!
  •  ??? (Zaheen): It would appear so!
  •  ??? (Zaheen): I am glad to find you well.

The player then walks up to Wyatt and Zaheen.

  • Wyatt: Greetings, [Player Name]. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Doctor Zaheen Patel.

Zaheen Patel's description and image then displays.

  • Zaheen: So, you are the brave soul who explored the marsh to find that exquisite sample.
  • Zaheen: It is quite an amazing find! I have only begun to unlock its secrets.
  • Zaheen: My Clinic is northwest of Rosie's shop.
  • Zaheen: If you have an illness of body, mind, or spirit please do not hesitate to visit me. — The player is given the Do You Do House Calls? achievement.
  • Zaheen: Even if you are well, I would still enjoy your company.
  • Zaheen: I must get back to my research. I do not wish to make a poor first impression on Administrator Washington.
  • Zaheen: I look forward to getting to know you, [Player Name].
  • Zaheen: Good day to you both.

Small talk[edit | edit source]

Talking with characters outside of job duties can improve the player's relationship with them. Zaheen can say any of the following when engaging in small talk with them:

  • Zaheen: Hello, [Player Name]. May you be well and at peace.

  • Zaheen: Whenever I am feeling ill at ease, I take a few moments outside. Does the symphony of nature also calm you, [Player Name]?
    • Option 1: I don't like nature.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Yes!
      • Zaheen: It would appear we share a relaxation technique. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.
    • Option 3: Not really.
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Zaheen: Ah, [Player Name]! You appear to be in good spirits. Hard work must agree with you.

  • Zaheen: I quite enjoy the natural beauty of this planet.

  • Zaheen: Do you enjoy reading, [Player Name]?
    • Option 1: Very much so!
      • Zaheen: A leisure activity we both enjoy. — The relationship bar fills up slightly.
      • Zaheen: Feel free to stop by and peruse my collection if you wish.
    • Option 2: When I have time.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 3: Not really.
      • Unknown dialogue

  • Zaheen: I prefer the natural fire light of candles to the harshness of man made light sources.

Relationship progress events[edit | edit source]

When the player is advancing from one stage (heart) in a relationship to the next, it is done so through an event.

First green heart[edit | edit source]

The player can reach the first green heart by entering Zaheen's Clinic when the relationship bar is full.

  • Zaheen: Greetings, [Player Name]! Please come in. Your timing is perfect!
  • Zaheen: I have just completed my initial analysis of that beautiful specimen you obtained.
  • Zaheen: Are you interested in my findings?
    • Option 1: Maybe later?
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 2: Not really.
      • Unknown dialogue
    • Option 3: Yes!
      • Zaheen: Wonderful! I thought you might possess an inquisitive mind.
      • Zaheen: The fungus does possess medicinal properties when prepared in a specific manner.
      • Zaheen: However, prior to boiling and drying, it is quite toxic.
      • Zaheen: You did not sample the specimen before turning it in, did you?!
      • Zaheen: Of course you did not. We would not be speaking now if you had.
      • Zaheen: Would you care for a cup of tea, [Player Name]?
        • Option 1: Yes, please.
          • Zaheen: Splendid! I always find a hot cup of tea facilitates good conversation.
          • Zaheen: Now, please tell me what motivated you to leave your life behind to begin anew.
          • The screen fades out and back in.
          • Zaheen: This was most enjoyable, [Player Name]! I hope you found the encounter equally stimulating.
          • Zaheen: Forgive me for cutting things short ...
          • Zaheen: I must get back to work. Administrator Washington requested a thorough write up as soon as possible.
          • Zaheen: Thank you for sharing your time with me. Please feel free to stop in whenever you like.
        • Option 2: Not now, thank you.
          • Unknown dialogue
        • Option 3: No. I don't drink tea.
          • Unknown dialogue

Random events[edit | edit source]

Insect Jar[edit | edit source]

Main article: Insect Jar

The first time the player sleeps after Zaheen has arrived, they will knock on the player's door to gift them an Insect Jar.

  • Zaheen: I am here to give you a gift.
  • Zaheen: This insect collection jar can be used to catch insects. I plan to study the specimens you bring for medicinal applications.
  • Zaheen: All life deserves respect. I will do my best to conduct my research without harming them. So, please bring them to me in good health.
  • Zaheen: You must always catch a matching pair. If you collect a single insect, it will become lonely and die.
  • Zaheen: Good luck, and please bring me any pairs of insects you find.

Collections[edit | edit source]

Items Reward
Zaheen's Beginner Bugs
64x64px Solar Stinger
64x64px Blazar Beetle
64x64px Angler Mite
64x64px Amethyst Scarab
64x64px Zaheen's Rug
Zaheen's Intermediate Insects
64x64px Mammoth Moth
64x64px Musing Mantis
64x64px Toxic Talonfly
64x64px Empress Dragonfly
64x64px Zaheen's Screen
Zaheen's Expert Entomologist
64x64px Umbra Bee
64x64px Radiant Glider
64x64px Terapincer
64x64px Zenith Hopper
64x64px Zaheen's Large Bookcase
64x64px Zaheen's Short Bookcase
64x64px Zaheen's Step Bookcase
64x64px Zaheen's Tall Bookcase
Zaheen's Soothing Selection
64x64px Tea Box
64x64px Incense